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Arizona's Most
Traffic Control and
Funeral Escort Service

According to Arizona Statute 28-776, funeral and military procession vehicles have the right of way.

Sportscar Escorts LLC. is certified by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Sportscar Escorts offers a variety of services, including traffic control, coach rentals, military escorts, and funeral escorts. Our one-of-a-kind fleet provides you with the best service and the nicest vehicles at an affordable price.

Funeral Escort

$ 375 minimum

Coach Rental

$ 250 minimum

Our funeral home, Richardson Funeral Home, uses Sportscar Escorts for every funeral procession that is requested by the families that we serve. Brad and his team are always prompt and willing to accomodate any requests we have. We wouldn't use anyone else.

troy r.

great team very skilled drivers over great experince

kris h.

These guys are top notch. They did a large tow truck funeral for a tow brother today. They where great and did a great job getting everyone where they needed to go. Great job today guys.

kyle s.

The funeral I attended today was escorted from the funeral home to National Cemetery by this company. These gentlemen were extremely professional and respectful to everyone. They did a great job and I highly recommend them.

jennifer p.

On June 18, 2018, you guys escorted to National Memorial Cemetery in Cave Creek. I lost my husband in the past was escorted by military however this tim I was in the back side followed by Sportscar Escort., had a lot of emotions came over. But I noticed Sportscar Escort was very passionate, impressed to take care of all of us when this is very difficult time. Using Sportscar Esort is worth every penny because they are compassion about their work and they served. Hope nobody has to use an escort company but if you do I would highly recommend. Thank you so much for all you do!

cindy w.

It is always a pleasure to use this service. They are always very professional and respectful towards the families we serve. Thank you for all you do!

marissa r.

Thank you for escorting my dear friend Madeline to her final resting place. Couldn’t have picked a better company. Very courteous and professional. These guys definitely know what they’re doing.

lauren h.

Bradley Steinbauer
Callsign 4-6

2008 Mustang GT / California Special
My name is Bradley Steinbauer, owner of Sportscar Escorts, LLC. I hope that I will be able to help you in any matter possible, whether it be for traffic control for a church, event, or construction. Or, in the unfortunate event of a loved one passing, I hope that myself and my drivers can help you celebrate their life, and mourn in the best way possible by being your funeral escorts. It is our job to safely control traffic so workers, pedestrians, and mourners of lost loved ones can remain as safe as possible during the course of these events. Thank you for choosing Sportscar Escorts LLC!

Callsign 3-6

Dodge Charger

Joseph Morud
Callsign 6-6

Ford Explorer
On 2/23/18, we laid our fallen operator, Joe (6-6) to rest. 6-6 went 10-97 and was cleared to 10-7 for the final time at Freestone Park in Gilbert, AZ. Thank you for all you have done in this life, Joe.

Callsign 5-5

2006 Mustang GT
My name is Jim. We strive to keep your Family and Friends safe on the road when grief and sorrow can affect driver concentration. Allow us the honor to get you all safely to your destination.

Callsign 7-4

Dodge Charger

Callsign 7-8

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T
In this time where family, friends, and support are so important, I hope that, with the use of my vehicle, I’m able to help your family, and maybe even brighten your day.

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